Terms and Conditions

Trademark, Service Mark and Copyright Guidelines

Through the years, Expression Networks, LLC. (“Expression Networks”), has developed a significant amount of (i) goodwill in, and (ii) customer recognition of its trademarks and service marks. Expression, therefore, actively pursues parties which infringe or misuse its trademarks or service marks. Expression does, however, allow other companies or individuals to use its marks, if certain guidelines are followed. The guidelines listed below will assist you in properly using the Expression Networks™ mark and other marks owned by Expression Networks, listed in the table below, when appropriate, in referring to products or services offered by Expression Networks under its various trademarks and service marks.

  • Use the appropriate trademark designation to highlight Expression’s proprietary rights (e.g., ® for registered marks, ™ for unregistered trademarks, SM for unregistered service marks).
  • Recognize, in writing, Expression Networks’s ownership of the mark wherever the mark is used:
    “(mark)® is a registered trademark of Expression Networks, LLC.,” or “(mark)™ (or SM) is a trademark (or service mark) of Expression Networks, LLC.”
  • Refrain from using a Expression Networks trademark or service mark as a proper adjective or in the possessive or plural form (e.g., Incorrect: Expression Networks’s Network; Correct: Expression Networks™ Network).
  • Refrain from using “Expression Networks™” or other Expression Networks marks in the names of your products (e.g., Correct: “XYZ is compatible with a ExpressCommerce® Product”; Incorrect: “XYZ/ExpressCommerce”).
  • Ensure that your product name is more prominently displayed than the Expression Networks mark to ensure that the public does not believe that because of the prominence of the Expression Networks mark that Expression Networks is the source of your product.
  • Refrain from using Expression Networks trademarks or product names on your packaging and advertising except to indicate compatibility or complementary products, unless Expression Networks’ written consent has been obtained.
  • Obey all federal and state statutes and laws regarding unfair competition and trademark infringement.



Expression Networks spends a considerable amount of time and money creating its websites and actively protects the proprietary subject matter contained on such websites. Permission to use information or documents from this server is granted provided the following guidelines are met:

  • Ensure that Expression Networks’ copyright notice, as shown on the server also appears in all copies which are distributed. For example, “©2017 Expression Networks, LLC., All Rights Reserved.”
  • Ensure that the use of such information or documents from this server is limited to use for purposes of accurately describing compatibility with other products or using the information in designing and offering compatible and/or complementary products and services with those of Expression Networks;
  • Ensure that the documents and information are not modified without the prior written consent of Expression Networks.

Expression Networks and its related entities make no representations or warranties about the absolute accuracy or suitability of the information or documents on this server for any purpose. All such information and documents are provided “As Is” without warranties of any kind. Expression Networks and its related entities hereby disclaim all warranties related to the use of the information and documents contained herein. Expression Networks believes that all statements made herein are true and accurate and has taken reasonable precautions prior to publishing such information.