McLean, Virginia, July 9, 2011 — The US Army Logistics Innovation Agency (LIA) is a field-operating agency of the Department of the Army, G-4. LIA has a requirement to interface with Joint organizations responsible for policy revisions and to automate to the maximum extent possible this policy monitoring and revision process within the US Army. Expression Networks developed the Enterprise Policy and Process Interactive Capability (EPIC) to meet this requirement.

EPIC is an enterprise policy and process search and categorization tool for Army and Joint DoD policy, doctrine and manuals. The system is built on current web standards, making it available through any web browser. EPIC consumes policy documents in XML, PDF, MS Word and text formats, then chunks the documents and indexes the chunks for searching by end users. Chunks are defined as the smallest unit of policy which forms a complete concept or thought, usually occurring at the paragraph level.

In addition to storing the policy text, EPIC stores metadata including Dublin Core elements for each document. These elements are associated with each chunk, giving users linked information and about the source document. Currently, the system is focused on logistics policy and doctrine, and a taxonomy has been developed to cover these topics.

Expression Networks analyzed existing information retrieval resources within the Army in order to improve the interfaces and processes involved in importing content to the system and delivering that content. We provided systems engineering and technical support of the systems and related hardware and software. We developed and implemented test plans to evaluate the object database, conversion tool, taxonomy, and search engine both at Owner and User echelons.

We identified means to ensure that the system could be supported over its lifetime in a cost effective manner, which included a highly modular design and deployment on commodity hardware and software. We also provided Program and Administrative Management throughout to ensure that the task order was effectively and efficiently managed.

Expression Networks is currently engaged in the third phase of EPIC, including deployment to the LPC and integration with NIPRNET and JWICS.