Washington, DC, September 25, 2013 – USASOC is a very unique 3 star Army Command with complex missions and challenges that compare to the missions of SOUTHCOM. As a prime contractor for USASOC, Expression Networks currently provides work similar in size, scope, and complexity to the requirements in the SOUTHCOM GFEBS SME Support RFP. On this contract, Expressions employs a similar number of FTEs required for this opportunity. Additionally, our USASOC work includes comparable attributes in terms of technical expertise, management, and staffing as requested in the RFP.

Expression Networks has been working at the USASOC HQ since September 2011. While offsite Expression Networks has developed an atmosphere for transitioning USASOC personnel from their Legacy financial, procurement, and cost management processes into an ERP environment. While onsite Expressions has directly assisted the client by providing deliverables at the highest level: including Communications, Training, and Data Readiness Plans, a Proposed Organization Map to support their conversion into the new ERP (BPR Analysis), and a User assignment and Training Excel Tool to streamline the role mapping process. Additionally, Expression Networks has supported Cost Management and Funds Management Master Data activities based upon first-hand lessons learned to ensure the highest level of success throughout the USASOC organization.

Following the successful completion of the organization map, Expressions assisted USASOC’s restructuring of their current business processes by improving their applicable system requirements. Expressions aligned USASOC’s business processes to ensure that USASOC personnel was aligned to the required General Funds Enterprise Business System business processes with a tool that aligned personnel with their required roles. Expressions tools also identified training gaps and provided the USASOC team with training objectives. To manage the impact of change across different levels of the organization Expressions used a comprehensive, strategic, and operational communication plan that provided USASOC with the overall framework for managing and coordinating communication and change management. Additionally, Expressions performed cost analysis, and developed a cost conscience culture within USASOC.

Expressions performed out of Ft. Bragg, NC from September 26, 2011 until September 2013.