McLean, Virginia, March 20, 2011 — Expression Networks, LLC. today previewed a comprehensive set of new infrastructure services, code-named “Tier Blue”. These new services are designed to speed global growth and the transition of software companies into application service providers.

“For companies to continue to flourish on the Internet, the process of adding new services and global growth needs to be dramatically simplified,” said Abir Ray, Director of Business Development for Expression Networks. “Tier Blue reflects the evolution and learning from working with our customers. This helps our next generation of services continue to evolve to meet customer needs.” Tier Blue is designed to accelerate and simplify the global expansion of a business’ Internet efforts.

Tier Blue will include global load balancing, which means Internet traffic will automatically be distributed to the customer site geographically closest to its end users. Tier Blue also includes global disaster recovery. Through the use of Expression Networks’s automation technology, Expression Networks will be able to fail a customer’s Internet operations over from its presence in a Silicon Valley data center to a data center on the East Coast or in the United Kingdom in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

To support the growing number of ASPs as customers, Expression Networks also announced services for ASPs, a new set of infrastructure services designed specifically for ASPs. Included in these services are ASP operational services, a set of new services that includes the application functionality an ASP needs — configuration, management, billing, customer monitoring, and log management — in order to offer a software application as an Internet-based service. A new scaling technology called Rapid restore lets Expression Networks instantaneously tap into a pool of stand-by servers to replace a failed machine in a live environment. The technology helps ASP customers to offer high-availability solutions without incurring the costs of full redundancy at each tier.

Expression Networks’s new services are based on the knowledge that Expression Networks has gathered in working with a number of high growth ASPs. – Tier Blue services are scheduled to debut in the market throughout Q2 2010.

About Expression Networks
Expression Networks, LLC. offers businesses a new class of Internet infrastructure services. Using its hosting technology, which automates formerly manual tasks associated with deployment and maintenance of Internet operations, the Company provides a suite of services that addresses the challenges of deploying, maintaining and growing Internet operations for critical business functions. The Company’s customers include established enterprises, application service providers and Internet-based businesses, each of which requires robust Internet operations to successfully interact with their business partners and to deliver their products and services to their customers.