March 6, 2015 by Expression Networks

Washington, DC, March 2015, Within the Defense Information Systems Agency, the Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) required a research and development capability to facilitate spectrum requirements/reallocation analyses and report generation.

Specifically, DSO required document management, collaboration, workflow, supporting analysis, and enterprise services and application support to achieve this goal. We worked closely with DSO stakeholders to implement a fully functional system capable of streamlining and automating the complex analyses of spectrum data in order to provide a comprehensive, strategic view of DoD Spectrum data to senior decision-makers.

The Expression Networks team began with a requirements review and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) of possible Enterprise Services that DISA/DSO could leverage to achieve an Interim Operating Capability (IOC). Additionally we identified each DoD Enterprise Architecture that would be suitable for content management integration while highlighting opportunities of process improvement.

We built out the Content Management portion of SRRAC for DSO in a similar fashion to one we have built for the Army ECM platform (IBM FileNet P8). Given our prior experience loading thousands of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents into Army ECM and creating custom connectors to connect to several Army agency databases (MS SQL Server and Oracle), we are able to provide target users with access to historical documents, data, and email to support testing with meaningful data.

Additionally, we implemented IBM Case Manager to provide the following services:

• A modular add-on to Army’s existing ECM capabilities to provide for rapid development of advanced case-centric applications
• Built on IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Manager and Content Manager;

• Includes Content Analytics, WebSphere ILOG jRules, Cognos RealTimeMonitoring, Instant Messaging and Collaboration – for use within case solutions;

Expression Networks successfully worked and implemented this project from March 2013 to March 2015.