McLean, Virginia, Mar 18, 2010 — Expression Networks today announced that its e-commerce solutions interoperate with the Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement, offering customers the ability to easily connect suppliers to enterprises and e-marketplaces. This interoperability uses a solution, EN Gateway for Microsoft BizTalk Framework, announced earlier this year by Expression Networks.


More than 600 Expression Networks enterprise and marketplace customers can connect to suppliers using the Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement through the Expression Networks Gateway for BizTalk Framework. Expression Networks Collaborative Procurement and other applications also interoperate with the solution to further simplify deployment and enhance the value of e-commerce.

UTS, a networking solutions supplier, is using Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement and Expression Networks solutions to conduct online transactions.

“The Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement provides us with a competitive advantage, allowing us to easily integrate with the Expression Networks solutions increasingly used by our large customers,” said Josh Sabernosh, president and CEO, UTS. “As a small business, this makes us more attractive to our customers and opens the door to new revenue streams. We are forecasting a 15 percent revenue increase in the near future, as well as an 80 percent reduction in the expenses associated with online transactions. The Microsoft and Expression Networks solutions have also provided UTS with features and functionality that were previously available only from costly custom implementations. Now we can internally manage many of the content and catalog tasks that we had to outsource in the past.”

“The Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement is designed so customers can quickly and efficiently implement supplier solutions that address their specific business needs and helps them to reduce costs and increase revenues,” said Larry Atkinson, Director of Corporate Development at Expression. “We are pleased that the Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement will be available to a broader set of enterprise customers through our relationship with UTS.”

“Expression Networks solutions, combined with the Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement, help to make it easier for suppliers to get online and transacting, addressing one of the pain points of e-commerce adoption,” said Darton Williams, Director of Application Development at Expression Networks.

Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement The Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement provides an extensible software solution that allows suppliers to sell effectively through multiple online channels while remaining empowered. Microsoft’s solution automates the selling processes to increase revenue, lower costs, and achieve new levels of business agility while maintaining the suppliers’ business differentiation.

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Expression Networks, LLC. offers businesses a new class of Internet infrastructure services. Using its hosting technology, which automates formerly manual tasks associated with deployment and maintenance of Internet operations, the Company provides a suite of services that addresses the challenges of deploying, maintaining and growing Internet operations for critical business functions. The Company’s customers include established enterprises, application service providers and Internet-based businesses, each of which requires robust Internet operations to successfully interact with their business partners and to deliver their products and services to their customers.