Expression Contributes to The National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network (NETCNN)

Congratulations to Expression Networks’ Carol Fraser (Program Manager) for her contributions supporting the National Emergency Critical Care Network (NETCCN) program. To learn more about NETCCN, see the article, “Technology and Disasters: The Evolution of the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network,” featured in the Critical Care Medicine Journal.

Carol’s strategic focus helped to address the lack of expertise and experience available nationally due to the scarcity of critical care qualified clinicians during the Covid-19 pandemic. Carol and her team’s contributions have aided in establishing a network that could bring critical healthcare services to individuals regardless of physical location. This is a huge step forward in healthcare equality and providing critical services to all individuals within the United States.

Carol is part of Expression Networks’ Medical Innovations Group. which is harnessing the power of digital transformation and predictive data analytics to deliver clinical care anytime, anywhere. Expression Networks experience includes a contract award to deliver remote critical care and medical support systems for the multi-phased DoD-HHS NETCNN to demonstrate a distributed ICU virtual care solution for the current pandemic and future emergency response. You can read more about Expression Networks’ Medical Innovations Group here: Expression Networks’ Medical Technology Innovation Group to Maximize Patient Outcomes

The article found in the Society of Critical Medical Care Medicine is here: Technology and Disasters: The Evolution of the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network