Expressions Develops, Hosts, And Provides Technical Support for Cooke Communications

Washington, DC, March 2015, Cooke Communications is a print and online media provider with a long-standing relationship with Expression Networks for IT support, web hosting and website development.

Expression Networks maintains infrastructure and provides consulting and development services for over 1000 domains for industries such as tourism, the arts and hospitality managed by, a subsidiary of Cooke Communications. Accessibility is always a concern for high-profile sites, and Expressions has consulted with many of the diverse clients for on issues such as usability for text readers and mobile devices.

The Key West Citizen, owned by Cooke Communications, is a newspaper with a circulation of about 25,000. In 2002, the Citizen initiated a project to publish all content in PDF format, as well as archiving articles. These efforts required manipulating XML, PDF and flat text files to produce the desired output and automate all possible stages of the publishing process.

Expression Networks, with a long-standing relationship with Cooke Communications, was chosen to implement the software system to accomplish these objectives. The end result of these projects can be viewed at (PDF edition of The Key West Citizen) and (XML import to a SQL Server database).