Expression Networks Named Among Top 20 Big Data Solutions Companies

Expression Networks: Demystifying Big Data Analytics for Government Entities

We’re thrilled to announce that Expression Networks has been recognized once as one of the  20 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Companies – 2019.  CIOReview creates an annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing innovative big data solutions and impacting the marketplace. The main focus of this ranking is to spotlight companies who have successful proven track records in delivering data solutions to its clients.

In this data-centric age, the troves of potentially useful data often appear as a deficiency rather than strength, as driving valuable insight from it is challenging. Companies from diverse sectors often lack the experience or capability to untie this perplexing knot associated with the wide array of available Abir Ray, Director & Founder information. To this end, Expression Networks—a Washington-based software and database engineering solutions provider—ensures real-time decision making and improved productivity. It handles the big data requirements through innovative risk- and cost-reducing implementations of proven data management applications. Primarily, the company caters to the defense sector, but it is steadily expanding the business into other areas of the U.S. government.

“To reduce the typical stresses of big data amidst the trend of AI and ML incorporation and cloud adoption, we offer fast and confident solutions for complex problems. To address big data predicaments, Expression Networks’ solutions employ organic business process analytics for operations with unstructured data. Our incorporation of advances in AI and ML as well as cloud help reduce our clients’ risk and deliver value,” states Abir Ray, director and founder of Expression Networks.

The data analytics solutions from Expression Networks deliver optimal outcomes irrespective of the complexity of data. With six core data analytics capabilities—structured and unstructured data store design and implementation, search and query algorithm design and optimization, data data aggregation, data visualization, schema optimization, and ‘extract, transform, load’ (ETL) design and operations—the  firm enables decision-makers and end-users to enjoy quick and efficient results for enhanced productivity.

Despite its unwavering approach and offerings in data analytics, Expression Networks understands that it is tough to have an edge in this hypercompetitive space. The firm thus concentrates on continually improving data models. Also, it has set its philosophy: “perpetual innovation”—“enjoy the work, do it well, stay connected to the customer, and build trust.”

With such a principle of growing strong internally, Expression Networks has shaped a close and long-standing relationship with several clients, including many senior leaders and government decision-makers. Consequently, the success story of one of its clients best exemplifies Expression Networks’ uniqueness. Previously, the company’s largest client had a decade-plus year history of data services support that needed substantial expenditure to produce monolithic support tools that were delivered slowly on loose timelines. When Expression Networks entered the picture, it decided to work with new methodologies and aggressive approaches priced at almost two orders of magnitude less cost than the previous supplier. “We delivered a complete rework of the core functionality in a little over a year. Since then, this functionality has evolved to greatly enhance the quality, completeness, and customizability with which our customer can now service its worldwide needs while still maintaining greatly reduced costs,” mentions Abir.

Besides such demonstrated instances of customer success, Abir believes that Expression Networks’ reach beyond the boundaries of the defense sector enables the company to meet challenging engineering scenarios in a way that is ultimately beneficial to its employees as well as clients. Striding ahead, the company has plans to extend its footprint into the commercial and international sectors. Until then, their focus will be on making the internal team stronger to survive against the storms of new markets. With its proven value in systems engineering, enterprise architecture, software development, electromagnetic spectrum engineering, data analytics (or ML), and information assurance, Expression Networks has changed customers’ expectations about the level of quality they expect from a small team of dedicated experts. “At Expression Networks, solving problems is our passion. Our analytics deliver great value for our customers via speed, scale, and contextualization of data. We are the perfect example of what can happen when you love what you do, and you don’t settle for average results,” Abir concludes.