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US Army Logistics Innovation Agency (LIA)

The US Army Logistics Innovation Agency (LIA) is a field-operating agency of the Department of the Army, G-4. LIA had a requirement to interface with Joint organizations responsible for policy revisions and to automate to the maximum extent possible this policy monitoring and revision process within the US Army. Expression Networks developed the Enterprise Policy and Process Interactive Capability (EPIC) to meet this requirement.

EPIC is an enterprise policy and process search and categorization tool for Army and Joint DoD policy, doctrine and manuals. The system is built on current web standards, making it available through any web browser. EPIC consumes policy documents in XML, PDF, MS Word and text formats, then chunks the documents and indexes the chunks for searching by end users. Chunks are defined as the smallest unit of policy which forms a complete concept or thought, usually occurring at the paragraph level.

US Department of Army - Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

Provided Army wide access to policy and ALARACTs and leverage the Army Publishing Directorate Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) to manages the publishing and forms functions of the Army electronically, from inception to obsolescence or rescission. Expression Networks built subsystems to manage authentication, standards development, publications and forms preparation; distribution and publishing media; and, electronic composition, replication, printing and indexing on behalf of the Army.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) - Defense Spectrum Organization DSO

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) combat support agency. DISA provides enterprise information technology services, command and control (C2) capabilities, information assurance, and net-centric information sharing across the Armed Services, Combatant Commands, and other joint mission partners.

Expression Networks has worked on several projects with DISA – DSO, including:

Spectrum Requirements Reallocation Analysis Capability (SRRAC)

Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO), a special component of DISA, required a research and development capability to facilitate spectrum reallocation analysis in order to provide a comprehensive, strategic view of DoD’s spectrum utilization. Expression Networks developed an integrated geospatial, business intelligence, and data analytics solution for DSO using Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software.

Joint Spectrum Data Repository (JSDR)

Expression Networks is currently designing JSDR v2.0 under the Global Electromagnetic Spectrum Information System (GEMSIS) program. The JSDR will provide a unified view and analysis of all spectrum-related data for DoD mission partners and the DoD spectrum community.

Integrated Spectrum Desktop

Integrated Spectrum Desktop (ISD) provides a “common desktop” for accessing web-based spectrum management capabilities. Facilitates the integration and interoperability of the spectrum tools. Provides web links to various sites and capabilities used to support the spectrum community. The ISD facilitates the integration of web-based capabilities within GEMSIS and provides a single website to access those capabilities. Single sign on will be provided for GEMSIS capabilities. Widget based tools will be available to support users.

End-to-End Supportability System

End-to-End Supportability System (E2ESS) provides the DoD equipment spectrum certification process. It provides tools for the services, combatant commands (CCMDs) and industry to create, validate, process, and approve spectrum certification requests. This includes a supportability editor, compliance checks to assure data quality, collaboration and workflow capabilities, and certification process metrics. It also provides a centralized database of supportability information for the services and CCMDs along with Host Nation Coordination of Spectrum Dependent Equipment.

Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) Ordnance Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Risk Assessment Database

Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) Ordnance Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Risk Assessment Database (JOERAD) is a software tool that provides the necessary information to manage the conflict between introduced ordnance and radio frequency (RF) emitters used in Joint operations. The complex environment and accelerated tempo of Joint tactical operations demand full situational awareness and capabilities to evaluate risks associated with the RF sensitive ordnance. These ordnance items, if not analyzed, can pose a great threat to personnel and equipment or result in excessive emission controls on essential shipboard equipment. JOERAD is a key tool for success in Joint operations for the warfighter.

Department of Homeland Security

Customs Border Control

Department of Homeland Security, Custom and Border Patrol, had a requirement to train all new CBP agents with First Responder preparedness building a custom training system. Expression provided First Responder training course to certify a 4800 CBP Border Patrol Agents via an interactive software solution built for CBP. The First Responder course was in accordance with nationally recognized guidelines and standards by organizations designated to provide such accredited training. By teaming with the American Red Cross, Expression Networks provided a First Responder course that is both nationally recognized and properly accredited.

Transportation Security Agency 

Build on IBM Case Manager, Expression Networks developed a case management system for TSA  which managed investigation records, track cases, view assignment history, track time spent on cases, and view statistics.   The TSA Office of the Chief Counsel tracking system streamlined the process of case management within TSA through a more proactive approach to customer service. It is designed to keep customers informed through a series of updates from the time TSA received the request until closure. This process will encompass a varieties of cases raging from email recovery, hard drive imaging, password cracking, VOIP and Blackberry logs, to full blown digital forensics. While the cases are different, they all have one thing in common and that is a requestor who will appreciate being kept abreast of the progress on their open case. This process will also allow the examiner to focus on the case and eliminate the considerable amount of time spent answering customer inquiries.