Medical Technology Innovation to Maximize Patient Outcomes

Expression Networks Medical Innovations Group understands the power of digital transformation and predictive data analytics to deliver clinical care anytime, anywhere.

Medical Technology Innovations Division

Expression Networks is an agile, innovative small business founded in 1997 and headquartered in Washington DC that provides mission-critical services, including general management, medical, and technology consulting, as well as full-lifecycle technical services, software, data architecture and management, and health IT medical solutions, as well as administrative support to the United States Department of Defense (DoD), Department of State, and the national security community. We have deep expertise in delivering industry-leading data architecture, analytics, and modernization through AI/ML (define) process automation. This is most recently demonstrated by going from “zero to sixty” providing full tale critical care patient support, rolling-out clinical intensivists, medical support, and telemedicine systems to remote hospitals lacking capacity during the COVID pandemic response. Expression was ranked #1 on the Washington Technology 2018’s Fast 50 list of fastest-growing small business Government contractors and a Top 20 Big Data Solutions Provider by CIO Review. Expression holds an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management Systems, a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3, and a Top Secret (TS) Facility Clearance.

Key Competitive Advantage

An Expression Networks’ core competency that has led to significant growth is the ability to envision and design strategic systems modernization capabilities within an existing military organization. Expression delivers on its project objectives by transforming the business (and clinical) processes, using innovative design thinking, combined with the technical prowess to modernize legacy systems through a robust, AI-ready data architecture and containerization. These strategies achieve real-time situational awareness in command and control of business operations through data-driven process automation that streamlines workflow.

Expression Networks is prepared to commercialize its software and clinical services platform that has been validated in critical access hospitals and remote settings for telecritical care through channel partnerships, distribution/reseller arrangements, and marketing support. Expression also has significant expertise in the modernization of healthcare supply chains using process automation powered by AI/ML


• Virtual Health
• Telemedicine
• Health Care Data Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Clinical Decision Support
• Computational Modeling for Digital Evidence Generation
• Medical Support & Logistics/Supply Chain Managemen

Key Features

• Real-time Operations Dashboards
• Business Process Modernization
• Full Stack Development
• Edge Computing Services
• Microservices Architecture
• Data Analytics/Data Fusion
• Open-Source Solutions
• Workflow Automation with AI/ML


Expression Networks experience includes an award to deliver remote critical care and medical support systems for the multi-phased DoD-HHS National Emergency Critical Care Network to demonstrate a distributed ICU virtual care solution for the current pandemic and future emergency response. The system went live in Puerto Rico as the first site with services for hospitals with critical patients. The contract is relevant in demonstrating the full PM set of clinical and operational capabilities with the development of the governance, policy, processes, and procedures in a comprehensive concept of operations. The service included software development, data analytics, solution deployment, and staffing by Expression physicians and nurse teams, in coordination with on-site hospital staff. Services also include language translation for all encounters, and ongoing operation of the service for underserved, austere locations supporting both DoD and HHS disaster missions. The PM also served as the DMLSS Trainer for the program. MTEC OTA (ongoing).

Expression Networks has also evaluated the medical logistics (MEDLOG) product recall process, and legacy systems DMLSS and JMAR capabilities, as well as existing workflows, and constraints. We recommended process improvements to streamline design. Expression then developed a leading-edge automated workflow process incorporating AI/machine learning to match product catalog items, identify hospitals affected by the recall, and institute tracking with completion status and alerts for recalls down to the department level of a hospital.


Cindy Crump

Director, Medical Business Unit
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Carol Fraser

Director, Program Manager
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