Our Spectrum Engineering, Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Systems Engineering, Information Assurance, Enterprise Architecture and Software Development solutions are integrated and tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Our commitment to Perpetual Innovation℠ ensures you meet every challenge in a continuously changing environment.

At Expression Networks, we are honored to partner side-by-side with our clients, helping navigate IT challenges and opportunities. Our steadfast goal is to deliver inspired solutions that are agile, cost-effective, and reliable. Our focus is helping each client achieve or exceed strategic and tactical IT goals in the most effective manner. We enjoy the challenge of reimagining our client’s opportunity space to enable previously unattainable results.

Based on a passion for innovation, we are the lean company for every technology professional, manager or CIO looking for a high-value team with expertiseethicsefficiency and execution woven into its values. Our employees don’t train or aspire to that standard, we compete with pride to maintain it.

In today’s complex IT environment, vision is important and strategy is vital. We provide a comprehensive understanding of the nuances in the industry with proven expertise in select domains. Our team of distinguished professionals support national security, government, healthcare, transportation, civilian industries, and commercial organizations. We have developed excellent information technology solutions for the nation’s leading Federal government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Our strength is our understanding of each client’s unique requirements, as well as the people, tools, and technologies to help you capitalize on opportunities. The demonstrated result, time and again, is world-class performance and uncommon cost avoidance directly aligned with your strategic direction.

We are a strategic partner that will:

  • Provide expertise and complete satisfaction
  • Be proactive to guide and support you
  • Accept full accountability
  • Deliver with honesty and integrity
  • Meet or exceed your expectations
  • Hold to your deadlines and stay within budget
  • Turn-on-a-dime to accommodate changing needs and new environments


Our Spectrum Engineers have decades of experience managing the vital resource of Electromagnetic Spectrum and developing solutions to support the current and future needs of our government customers.

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data analytics &
machine learning

Our Data Analytics and Machine Learning teams understand the power and challenges of collecting, analyzing and adapting data, no matter how large and complex, to delver the insights you need.

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Our flexible systems approach to engineering allows us to quickly identify technology gaps and provide solutions that intelligently integrate state-of-the-art technologies with legacy systems.

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We ensure rapid, secure data access to dispersed populations and manage the ever-evolving physical and cyber threats to your operations.
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Our advanced Enterprise Architecture solutions empower you to efficiently and effectively achieve current objectives with platform adaptability and scalability to carry you into the future.

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Our software teams employ proven methodologies to deliver innovative solutions supporting the mission-critical programs of our government and industry customers.
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